Team BBC Track Camp (07/16/2016)

TeamBBC rented out a track for our teammates to learn and practice track riding on. Here are some of their thoughts!


Track day was so much fun. How much fun? Imagine you did something and liked it so much you had to do it over and over again, like 75 times right away. That’s what we did going around the track today. This isn’t a race report (yes we did race, but I don’t want to talk about it), so I’ll just call it a class report. Our teacher, Damon, was amazing. How amazing? He taught us 4 hours of material in 3 hours! We all knew he was fast on the bike, but who knew he was so fast teaching about the bike too! We learned so much. Important stuff like how to start and stop. Where to ride on the track and what the colorful lines mean. And what it means when someone yells “stay,” “stick” and “rail.” Also how to get lined up to race when they announce “racers to the rail.” I heard someone yelling “go fast Daddy” but Damon didn’t explain what that meant. I also learned so much as it was my first time on a fixed-gear track bike. (Can you believe they had one big enough for me? Woohoo!) I learned there is a lot of room for water bottles on a track bike my size, but nowhere to put them! I learned that to ride a track bike you don’t need any fingers (no brakes or shifters). I learned that the staff at the T-town track is really nice and knowledgeable. Finally I learned, again, why I like Team BBC so much. Thanks Alex H, Damon, Josh S. (for driving a bunch of us), and the team for subsidizing this event. Go Team BBC!


Awesome time today! Thanks Damon and Alex! Damon you did a great job running us through drills and slowly building our confidence on the track. I wish we had time for more! I will definitely go up for one Cat 5 race to give it a shot. It was super weird not being able to free wheel. My legs are currently doing that thing after you go skiing when your legs feel like they’re still skiing, but instead they feel like they’re trying to push back on the pedals to slow me down.


This was awesome. Everyone was looking pro as hell, and the pace lines were looking smoooooth all the way up and down the track. Best of all, no one got hurt! I’m glad everyone is as pumped on the track as I am. I will definitely be going up to do a race or two when things calm down. Especially when the Olympics start and everyone is going to get velodrome fever! Thank you Damon for being an amazing coach, and thank you to the team for helping us put this together. It was awesome to see everyone come up with us and have a blast.

The Bicycle Escape 2016 MABRA Senior Criterium Championships (07/03/16)

A race review from teammate Damon Wyatt:

First, I have to say although our road team is small, we represented (by we, I’m definitely not including me but I like to grasp firmly to the coattails of glory). As soon as I arrived with Spokes (who by the way dropped me off since he needed to pick up a new chain), Ez and I watched Lindsay pulling hard at the front of the chase group. She mixed it up, jumped out the saddle, led and ultimately sprinted for 3rd in the chase group. Although I definitely witnessed the expressed of “F This” on the last lap, she finished strong. Josh and Ez mixed it up as well. Josh went on a fierce break with 4 to go in the Cat 3 race and sadly, the pack chased hard to gobble him up. Not only did he finish strong but then he mixed it up in the front of the 1-2-3 race as well. Ez ruled the front as well in the 1-2-3 race and had some sick jumps to bridge up to breaks. The 1-2-3 race was incredibly fast in the last 10 laps and anyone that even finished that race is my hero.