TNTT Mythbusters

Today we are going to dispel some myths about TNTT. The biggest hurdle for anyone getting back in shape from “winter’s” season of sloth is, what if I do not feel fast enough to come out yet? Mmmk. April 25th is the PERFECT time to get yourself out on course. Whether you’re going for that type 2 fun or want to get the last breath of freshly fertilized fields in your lungs before the growing season, let April 25th be your baseline for the next 10 TNTT’s of 2017. Remember how
rainy May was in 2016? Take advantage of the dry weather and the scenery in case we are in for a repeat… Secondly, who does not enjoy seeing personal progress over time? As tradition, we will continue to bark-out the names of our peers who reach new personal records, because small victories should be shared! If anything, I encourage you all to come out and be slow, yes, sandbag that first TNTT time a little. Next TNTT you can push harder to see your time drop and get that early fitness momentum going.

The next myth we will touch on is the need of using aerodynamic (aero) equipment. Answer: do what is within your comfort level of clothing and cost. TNTT is free, not because we expect you to save your pennies for aero equipment, but rather feeling fast can be freeing to the soul. We want to share that feeling with everyone who comes! The true race is between you and your bi-weekly efforts. We support your goals of going sub-X minutes or ability to use this as a focused event to train for an upcoming race. If anything, you may see progress and wonder if you were to tweak your seat position, or see if some piece of aero equipment would get you to your next TNTT goal. If this is the case, you may find yourself slowly upgrading equipment-I did! However, no amount of aero equipment can account for unexpected events on this unreferred course. For instance, will we ever have a black angus beef cattle get loose on course? I’ve heard the grass is greener on the other side…Aero equipment can be as simple as making sure you don’t show up in an old baggy t-shirt, to making sure you’re pinning your numbers down-I’m a notorious offender. Do you want to improve your belly aerodynamics? Here are some ideas for plant-based recipes.

The last myth we will investigate is whether you should warm-up? Warning: there is personal bias. I have been a soccer goalie through grade school, college, and club/social leagues. I hated warming up, and did not after college. Warming up before any run, recreational to marathon distance, you can bet I’m not warming up either. There is a lot of scientific debate out in the academic community about warm-ups and athletic performance in many disciplines. I do recommend looking at the peer-reviewed publications than Googling what you may read for this type of guidance. Hope to see you on course this year!

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